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ahh, i oh so hate little boys that are going through puberty and flip out when they see tits.

yar, went to my little sisters friends birthday party. little boys are idiots and i was being so mean to them. hahaa. about puberty and stuff cause they all had sqeeky voices except for emo boy (inside joke) hes sounds like hes idk not 12ish. so yar. patrick was thier cause he lived thier and hes a little fucker, but i have love for him anyways, hes a dear that throws grapes at me. yah it was funny thier was this little girl thier that hasnt gotton her period yet and i thought it was so cute, so i told her to savor every moment..sorry for that folks.

but yar, today sucked. mom flipt out and amandas not here (dadshouse) dont feel like talking about it..i have to work from 1-6:30pm and it sucks. im never working at fucking skate world again. i havent hung out with kathryn in a wicked long time and im going to try to go to her house afterwards, and im deffinitally going to her house monday cause i love kathryn and i know everthing is going to be okie dokie,

but tired...and stuff...and yah i miss amanda, that was cute.

ohh ohh and i think were going to dads house friday and stuff, i love dadddy

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