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wow, today was okay.

i was looking up colleges cause thats what you must do and i was doing it community style at BCC and something made absolutly no sence to me..okay, in BCC thier is 1% of the people that go thier that are afican american and they have a fucking black union, how fucked up is that? how come we white people cant have a fucking union? maybe they do and im just not informed, that just made me laugh, so i wrote it down.

got home, we might possibly have a no school tomarrow because were supposed to get like 7inches of snow, in fucking aprl..come on now bitches. psh.

oh yeah, and it was on the local news that some chick got hit by a train and died..and she wasnt handicapt or in a wheel chair or something like that..she could my question is how the hell can a person that can walk get and that can hear get hit by a train? idk? it bothers meeee! THEIR IS MORE TO THIS STORY!

and something else that i was thinking of. teachers lie. like back in the day of elementary..teaching you rhymes and shit like i before e except after c yeah thats shit whats going on these days. psh.

have a wonderful day, my second update im super!
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