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new layout suckas, its purdy.


yeah, i love it how people take kathryns and our whole lunch tables stupidity so personal. so tanya..i know you read my journal, and to anyone else that reads it that was triggered by kathryn saying "whores" dont take things (meaning dont take anything that we say so personal), were not against you in anyway as other people may be, we call everyone whores and bitches and etc.the "whore" we use is not the whore that you think of when you here a whore, kathryns a whore, amandas a i need to go on? were all just stupid and saying dirty words like that touches us. i didnt im/talk you about it cause personally i dont like the drama. i found out that you guys were bothered it by when kim came to me in studio, and i felt bad. so if you want you can probally take all that stuff out of your profile unless you feed off drama, idk

but if you were truley hurt..kathryn and anyone else at the table who might have called you guys whore's are truley sorry...lets get over it. hopefully this will stop the drama.

so comment if you need to say anything


. today was a good day and kathryns a troubled one and might get lunch detention for leaving spanish early, i dont know what to think of her anymore. shes not the one i once knew.

amanda, kadie, and i might go to wal*mart if mom lets us..i hope so cause i want to get red and black hair dye so amanda can put streaks in my hair. :D.

oh, and i took this quiz and it made me happy, so happy!

thanks to


What Annoying Celebrity are YOU Destined to Kill? by tiffeh
You will killthe members of Slipknot
Witha butcher knife
OnAugust 25, 2024
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

PS: oprah is about woman survivors today, :D.

and my layout is so pretty, i found it off google..go i!

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