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uh today was good..once again amanda locked her kes in the car again cauuse she is a big looser. yeah.

we have a play tommarowow for school its grand. so first 3 mods will be taken upp, word.

yeah. sakdljfasd.

hes one of my new frends and hes all cute and stuff. haha. hes a dork and he pays to much for his cloths, hes a freaaaak that pays 20985384dollers for a black zip up hoody, psh.

but yeah i hope this weekend is fun..thiers a show sunday but i dont know if were going, hmmph.

PS: work is really gay and im going to do my homework while i watch oprah, cause i love oprah and AJ from the backstreet boys is hot and stuff oh ig and and im still excited for tomarrows episode :D <3


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