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today = out of school at 11:30am

but it fucking sucked because everyone who had lunch mod 6 didnt get to eat lunch, fuckers.

so today amy, amanda, and i made tosted chease sandwhiches and macaronie and cheese, <3.

umm, watched oprah today. fucking cheaters. im so excited for the next two upcomming oprahs. its grand. tomarrow i forget what it is about but its going to be a good one, but but but fucking thursday..that ones a keeper..if im not home for that then then im recording it. its about teenager's secrets that mothers dont know. dun! dun! dun!

oh yeah! amanda, kadie and i went outside and played in the snow..that was cute. </strong>

yeah, yeah, yeah. ive been feeling weird lately..idk. its all good though.

have a good day, :D.

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