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Fucking 948534 times writing this.


The show was lame only cause everyone was their from Windsor, got our school is so gay. Cause DANGEROUS ATTACHEMENTS were playing all the loosers from Windsor was there, with all their puffy coats and mink coats. (yes their were mink coats)  Like all the freshmen were there with their mommys and they were all dancing on the floor being idiots. And brett being the cool kid that he is he went in right in front of the stage and started rubbing his boobs in front of them. Then mooned them and then ran away with his friend with his hands in the air then came back and spit on some chick from Windsor, I don’t know her name. BUT I laughed my ass off..prolly going to be the big talk on Monday..WOOHOO!


After that brett wanted us to stay at his apt so we called dave and said that we were going to shannons house. Then we picked up brett and some of his friends and we had like 7 people in like a 4 person car and their was a cop went by so amy and Amanda had to was comical. Then we go to his apt and yeah drunk people were taking randome pictures and stuff, and their was this kid that was making a bowl out of a soda can and then a black kid came out with a bowl for him it was crazy.  It was so funny when amy and brett were off doing their own thing this kid came out and I named him doofy, he came out and put his hand in the air and was like greetings, like we were fucking aliens. It was so funny then we went into the hallway and ran into the wall. He came back and we were talking to this kid and doofy came and he was like let me see your tities to doofy it was to funny. Then doofy went to go into his room and poor doofy forgot to open the door and he ran into it, it was so funny. Kadie kept getting made fun of cause she was only 13. and yeah we went on the big red couches at like 3ish and watched madTV and I was sitting next to this kid and I like passed out cause I was so tired and I woke up and I was sleeping by him on the inside and it was weird, but yeah we got woke up by this big black guy telling us to get out cause we were sleeping in the lobby so yeah you’ll see a picture of the Negro. It was fun.


luke being wasted and taking pictuures of himself, to funny

kadie and her hands

fucking doofy, trying to get them to drink the punch

brett and amy


the table, thiers teh can.

the scary black men


yeah good night, today wont do anything prolly. i wanted to hang out with kathryn or something but i dont know. im hungry.

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