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[08 Jan 2005|11:08am]
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[18 Nov 2004|04:09pm]
JOIN bambambamm

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[18 Nov 2004|04:09pm]

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[18 Nov 2004|04:08pm]

your a flaming homosexual [22 Mar 2004|06:20pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]



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[21 Mar 2004|06:23pm]
[ mood | devious ]

ahh, today i only had to work till 3:30ish because thier was like no body that went thier, and all the little kids that were thier freaked me the fuck out cause they all knew my name, i was like uhhhhhhh. so yeah.

went to wal*mart afterwards and i was going to get my hair cut but nicole (hairperson) didnt have enough time to cut so hopefull ill go during the week. she wanted me to do this color thing to model my hair? but i couldnt because mom said she wasnt sure she could take me so yar. i got black and red and amanda got other colors to color my hair..it will be fun.

it was funny we were sitting on the benches and these little korean fuckers came by and amanda was like YOU FUCKING SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME! it was funny cause they looked back and i chuckled. and samples are fucking awesome..expecially little waffles VERY LITTLE WAFFLES!  oh and we were looking at black beat magazines and there was a black person near us and i got all excited because b2k and ruben were in there and kadie and i didnt buy it because i am a retard


ya going to kathryns house tomarrow, i miisss her and will and her are A O K and i knew they were going to be.

fucking missing an awesome show tonight..it sucks..thiers one friday. so thats good.

i was bored last night at like 1 in the morning and took pics on teh web cam.

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[21 Mar 2004|12:16am]
[ mood | lonely ]

ahh, i oh so hate little boys that are going through puberty and flip out when they see tits.

yar, went to my little sisters friends birthday party. little boys are idiots and i was being so mean to them. hahaa. about puberty and stuff cause they all had sqeeky voices except for emo boy (inside joke) hes sounds like hes idk not 12ish. so yar. patrick was thier cause he lived thier and hes a little fucker, but i have love for him anyways, hes a dear that throws grapes at me. yah it was funny thier was this little girl thier that hasnt gotton her period yet and i thought it was so cute, so i told her to savor every moment..sorry for that folks.

but yar, today sucked. mom flipt out and amandas not here (dadshouse) dont feel like talking about it..i have to work from 1-6:30pm and it sucks. im never working at fucking skate world again. i havent hung out with kathryn in a wicked long time and im going to try to go to her house afterwards, and im deffinitally going to her house monday cause i love kathryn and i know everthing is going to be okie dokie,

but yeah..im tired...and stuff...and yah i miss amanda, that was cute.

ohh ohh and i think were going to dads house friday and stuff, i love dadddy

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new layout suckas, its purdy. [19 Mar 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]


yeah, i love it how people take kathryns and our whole lunch tables stupidity so personal. so tanya..i know you read my journal, and to anyone else that reads it that was triggered by kathryn saying "whores" dont take things (meaning dont take anything that we say so personal), were not against you in anyway as other people may be, we call everyone whores and bitches and etc.the "whore" we use is not the whore that you think of when you here it..im a whore, kathryns a whore, amandas a whore..do i need to go on? were all just stupid and saying dirty words like that touches us. i didnt im/talk you about it cause personally i dont like the drama. i found out that you guys were bothered it by when kim came to me in studio, and i felt bad. so if you want you can probally take all that stuff out of your profile unless you feed off drama, idk

but if you were truley hurt..kathryn and anyone else at the table who might have called you guys whore's are truley sorry...lets get over it. hopefully this will stop the drama.

so comment if you need to say anything


. today was a good day and kathryns a troubled one and might get lunch detention for leaving spanish early, i dont know what to think of her anymore. shes not the one i once knew.

amanda, kadie, and i might go to wal*mart if mom lets us..i hope so cause i want to get red and black hair dye so amanda can put streaks in my hair. :D.

oh, and i took this quiz and it made me happy, so happy!

thanks to


What Annoying Celebrity are YOU Destined to Kill? by tiffeh
You will killthe members of Slipknot
Witha butcher knife
OnAugust 25, 2024
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

PS: oprah is about woman survivors today, :D.

and my layout is so pretty, i found it off google..go i!

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[18 Mar 2004|08:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]


i learned many things on oprah.

for example tossed salad? any takers any takers? im not talking about the healthy food you eat.

tossed salad is anal sex and or oral sex in a hidden term

second thing i learned...

rainbow party? any takers any takers? im not talking about the pretty scenery you see after its done raining.

a rainbow party
 is when a group of boys and or girls have a party and girls put on colorful lipstick and give the boys blow jobs.

kids these days. kids these days! dont even get me started.


any one want to come to my rainbow party?


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[17 Mar 2004|03:31pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

uh today was good..once again amanda locked her kes in the car again cauuse she is a big looser. yeah.

we have a play tommarowow for school its grand. so first 3 mods will be taken upp, word.

yeah. sakdljfasd.

hes one of my new frends and hes all cute and stuff. haha. hes a dork and he pays to much for his cloths, hes a freaaaak that pays 20985384dollers for a black zip up hoody, psh.

but yeah i hope this weekend is fun..thiers a show sunday but i dont know if were going, hmmph.

PS: work is really gay and im going to do my homework while i watch oprah, cause i love oprah and AJ from the backstreet boys is hot and stuff oh ig and and im still excited for tomarrows episode :D <3


(saturated in alcohol)

fuuuuck [16 Mar 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

today = out of school at 11:30am

but it fucking sucked because everyone who had lunch mod 6 didnt get to eat lunch, fuckers.

so today amy, amanda, and i made tosted chease sandwhiches and macaronie and cheese, <3.

umm, watched oprah today. fucking cheaters. im so excited for the next two upcomming oprahs. its grand. tomarrow i forget what it is about but its going to be a good one, but but but fucking thursday..that ones a keeper..if im not home for that then then im recording it. its about teenager's secrets that mothers dont know. dun! dun! dun!

oh yeah! amanda, kadie and i went outside and played in the snow..that was cute. </strong>

yeah, yeah, yeah. ive been feeling weird lately..idk. its all good though.

have a good day, :D.

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[15 Mar 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

wow, today was okay.

i was looking up colleges cause thats what you must do and i was doing it community style at BCC and something made absolutly no sence to me..okay, in BCC thier is 1% of the people that go thier that are afican american and they have a fucking black union, how fucked up is that? how come we white people cant have a fucking union? maybe they do and im just not informed, that just made me laugh, so i wrote it down.

got home, we might possibly have a no school tomarrow because were supposed to get like 7inches of snow, in fucking aprl..come on now bitches. psh.

oh yeah, and it was on the local news that some chick got hit by a train and died..and she wasnt handicapt or in a wheel chair or something like that..she could walk..now my question is how the hell can a person that can walk get and that can hear get hit by a train? idk? it bothers meeee! THEIR IS MORE TO THIS STORY!

and something else that i was thinking of. teachers lie. like back in the day of elementary..teaching you rhymes and shit like i before e except after c yeah thats shit whats going on these days. psh.

have a wonderful day, my second update im super!

(saturated in alcohol)

dsfasdf [15 Mar 2004|06:45am]
[ mood | tired ]

god, i fucking hate the word uber

im on my morning ritual to watch music vidoes on fuse and uhh blink 182 is on the tellie and it makes me happy cause its a hot video so yeah.

see ya later bitches

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[14 Mar 2004|04:31pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

yesterday and today did absolutly nothing!


yesterday just woke up at 2ishpm and watched the MADtv marathon and also the david chappelle's marathong, the niggar famialy..oh boy did i laugh my ass off.

today woke up at 10ish i think? and went on the comp and went to pizza hut with mama, and now i feel sick cause i ate to much, its sad..and thats basically it. im still tired from friday, haha. my eyes hurt and its sad.

i wanted to hang out with kathryn yesterday or today but i couldnt get a hold of her, oh well. maybe we will hang out during the week or something. :D.

oh and...

haha, all you bitches got owned!

i love you all and to all a good night.

(2 screen depressions saturated in alcohol)

[13 Mar 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | hungry ]


Fucking 948534 times writing this.


The show was lame only cause everyone was their from Windsor, got our school is so gay. Cause DANGEROUS ATTACHEMENTS were playing all the loosers from Windsor was there, with all their puffy coats and mink coats. (yes their were mink coats)  Like all the freshmen were there with their mommys and they were all dancing on the floor being idiots. And brett being the cool kid that he is he went in right in front of the stage and started rubbing his boobs in front of them. Then mooned them and then ran away with his friend with his hands in the air then came back and spit on some chick from Windsor, I don’t know her name. BUT I laughed my ass off..prolly going to be the big talk on Monday..WOOHOO!


After that brett wanted us to stay at his apt so we called dave and said that we were going to shannons house. Then we picked up brett and some of his friends and we had like 7 people in like a 4 person car and their was a cop went by so amy and Amanda had to duck..it was comical. Then we go to his apt and yeah drunk people were taking randome pictures and stuff, and their was this kid that was making a bowl out of a soda can and then a black kid came out with a bowl for him it was crazy.  It was so funny when amy and brett were off doing their own thing this kid came out and I named him doofy, he came out and put his hand in the air and was like greetings, like we were fucking aliens. It was so funny then we went into the hallway and ran into the wall. He came back and we were talking to this kid and doofy came and he was like let me see your tities to doofy it was to funny. Then doofy went to go into his room and poor doofy forgot to open the door and he ran into it, it was so funny. Kadie kept getting made fun of cause she was only 13. and yeah we went on the big red couches at like 3ish and watched madTV and I was sitting next to this kid and I like passed out cause I was so tired and I woke up and I was sleeping by him on the inside and it was weird, but yeah we got woke up by this big black guy telling us to get out cause we were sleeping in the lobby so yeah you’ll see a picture of the Negro. It was fun.


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(saturated in alcohol)

[12 Mar 2004|05:11pm]
[ mood | happy ]

yesterday went to the mall and pizza hut, saw linda thier. it was grand. then went to the mall. no one really was thier. amy, amanda, kadie, dustin, and i hung out side of hollister then i saw ED! so i was like ED! and yeah, that was exciting. And heres two hot bitches.

douche bags!

yeah leaving soon, going to a show and then going to dads.

have a good night!

(5 screen depressions saturated in alcohol)

[11 Mar 2004|09:05am]
[ mood | artistic ]

ahh, today will be funnnnnnn.

going to pizza hut and the mall, fun! fun! fun!

yup, amandas funny and makes me chuckle. ;)

oh and i like fighting on livejournl, it makes me chuckls constantly!

got bored so i made a post, and took pictures.

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(3 screen depressions saturated in alcohol)

[10 Mar 2004|07:52pm]
[ mood | awake ]

god bored so i made a huuuuge wish listtt, :D.
prolly get most of these shirts for school next year, haha. im pathetic.
i will showwww...

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<P>god bored so i made a huuuuge wish listtt, :D. <BR>prolly get most of these shirts for school next year, haha. im pathetic.<BR>i will showwww...</P><A name=cutid1></A> <P><IMG src="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/thursday-md.jpg"></P> <P><IMG src="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/thursday.jpg"></P> <P><IMG src="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/secure.jpg"></P> <P><IMG src="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/NJ-SP.jpg"><BR></P> <P><IMG <P><IMG src="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/FFAF-sp.jpg"></P> <P><IMG src="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/saosin-sp.jpg"></P> <P><IMG src="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/fata-md.jpg"></P> <P><IMG src="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/BNO-SP.jpg"></P> <P><IMG src="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/bloodbrothers-md.jpg"></P> <P><IMG src="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/AOAG-sp.gif"></P> <P><IMG <P>yeah thats a lot of shit, im going to get the ETID shirt soon though. :D. i want to get ALL of them sooon. muahah. that would be grand.</P> <P>anyone want to purchace anything for me? haha.</P> <P>bye. bye.</P><A href="http://img17.photobucket.com/albums/v51/keith6666/NJ-SP.jpg"></A><BR clear=all>

(saturated in alcohol)

4 day weekend, fuck yes! [10 Mar 2004|01:56pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Today i totally sounded like i was going through puberty, it sucked. annnnd..

spring is in the air...

why is this?

cause yesterday was the smell of cowshit, cow shit is being spread all over the place, yummm!

so i took picture, :D.

oh and btw, this is right across the streeeet. woohoo!


yeah this weekend might be fun?
4 day week end, woohoo!
tomarrow hit up the pizza hut? mall?
friday movies? show! dads?

ahh im so excited to sleep in tomarrow morning, im loving it.


(saturated in alcohol)

[09 Mar 2004|03:52pm]
[ mood | blank ]

ahh not a good day.

i felt like crap the whole day, almost threw up.

i thought i was ahead in history, which i wasnt. i thought that a project was due a month later then when it was achually due. thank god that my teacher knows im an idiot and is not taking any points off? yeah. yeah. yeah. got a 60 in spanish, fuckkk.

anyways yeah. i never realised how important trust is. so if you are close with your rents, and you steal..stop..you will loose all your trust that they had in you for your whole life and then it would be gone like that...dont learn it the hard way like i had to. i dont know if im punished at all..i hope not cause if hope dies is playing soon and theyre really good and i will be sad and stuff.

yeah i got to go hit up the grocery store.

have a good day.

PS: i smell very cheap coloighn(sp?) and im going to go have a talk with my little brother about it..

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